Reno Dance Sensation Swing & Salsa


Competitions are a primary feature of Reno Dance Sensation, challenging dancers to perform at their best. As with past Sensation events, we are hosting Jack-and-Jill and Strictly competitions in West Coast Swing and Salsa. Our judging categories are Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All-Stars, Master’s, Open, Champions, and Invitational. Competitions are split into Preliminary and Final stages, with a Semi-Final stage for especially large groups.


West Coast Swing
Newcomer WCS Jack & Jill
Novice WCS Jack & Jill
Intermediate WCS Jack & Jill
Advanced WCS Jack & Jill
Masters WCS Jack & Jill
All-Star / Champions WCS Jack & Jill
Novice Strictly WCS
Open Strictly WCS
Champions Strictly WCS


Amature Salsa Jack & Jill

Amature Strictly Salsa


Official Competition Rules
We strongly recommend that all potential competitors review the official rules before entering a competition. Copies of the competition rules will be available at the event.

Entering a Competition
To enter a competition, please visit the contest registration desk during the scheduled hours of operation and before the contest deadline. All competition entrance fees must be paid when you register for each competition:
Jack & Jill competitions are $15 per person (Includes the $1 WSDC fee).
Strictly Competitions are $30 per couple / per contest.

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