X-Pole Dancing Poles

Leaving Reno – will you miss the pole dancing? Why not take portable x-pole back to the UK www.polesport.co.uk who are an authorised x-pole supplier are going to be waiting at the airport for you!

Of course you might be thinking cheap is good – so maybe it’d be a nice idea to take a look at what ebay might have to offer you? With second hand x-poles as with any other item it really is a case of buyer beware? They are built to last but he x-pole warranty is limited to the first person to purchase them – so make sure you know what you’re getting.

The x-pole xpert has the added bonus of the ability to spin – but with the extra technology comes a bit of extra that could go wrong – the bearings need somewhere between no maintenance and a tiny bit, but that is all. I suppose if the bearings were worn you could always lock the pole down and pretend that you’d only ever got yourself a X-Pole sport in the first place. Although that is a bit like buying a car in order to push it around!

Actually the bearings on the x-poles are pretty much bomb proof – the only thing that can rally go wrong with them is damage by the owner by using WD-40 in the mistaken belief that this is correct thing to do! Actually the fine oil of this kind will in fact dissolve and destroy the grease which was put inside in the factory. If you’re checking out a second hand xpert or xstage then the thing to listen for is a grating sound, in the earliest stages this will be more of a feel of the vibrations than a actual sound. It actually works if you press a pencil between your forehead and the bearing casing a you’ll hear the vibrations of any bearing wear this way! You will however look a bit odd whilst you’re doing this!!

New X-poles will come with all of the components, and give you plenty of years of trusty service – so is it really worth saving just a few pounds?

On the other hand the X-Stage is so expensive and is unlikely yo have has the same amount of use so if you can see one of these on ebay or gumtree then it will certainly be worthy of the investigation – although be aware that unlike the free shipping on a standard portable pole, you’ll be looking at £70 or more for the shipping due to the weight – they come in at over 80kg (or a bit less for the Lite) – this doesn’t mean that they’re too heavy to use because they aren’t all in a single box – however this won’t affect the shipping so be prepared to pay a lot for this.

All of the surfaces on the poles can wear – but only through abuse and neglect – the brass ones are slightly harder wearing, or at least that is what I’ve been told …

You may also want to think about the compromise – with the three diameter sizes, 40mm, 45mm and 50mm it is unlikely you’re going to find the model (sport or xpert) ad the finish brass, gold, chrome) exactly as you want it. So you might end up making a compromise that is going to haunt you for years… also don’t be tempted down the route of the cheap and cheerful stripper poles – they are not the same quality of any dance pole that you might have been playing with in Reno – go xpole or go home with nothing….!!

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